D 002 shes bya [Def] blo’i yul du bya rung ba // jñeya // knowable object [Def] That which is suitable to be taken as an object of mind.
Analiza terminu

shes – can, be able to, knowledge, recognition, {dang gis} naturally arose, intelligence, to be aware of, come to understand, to know, to grasp, master, to learn, to realize, wisdom [RY]
bya ba – 1) ft. of {byed pa}; deed, action, work, engagement. lit. what is to be done, the free duty of bodhisattvas who have attained to nondiscursive knowledge. work, deed, job, task, matter, affair, thing to be done, doings, activities. 2) called, known as, entitled. 3) verb. Syn {'jug pa}; a movement; called; actions; verb +: he who should be (the object - beaten); to use (a term) for (something); (something) to be done; project at hand [RY]

Analiza definicji

blo – umysł (→ L 001)
yul – przedmiot (→ D 001)
bya ba – (← obok)
rung ba – appropriate, functional as, liable to, befitting, practible, acceptable // to allow [RY]
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Autor 1 Przedmiot poznawalny [Def] To, co jest odpowiednie, aby było przedmiotem umysłu.
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