D 003 yod pa [Def] tshad mas dmigs pa // –– // existent [Def] That which is observable by valid cognition.
Analiza terminu
yod pa – 1) existence, existent, being. Syn {dngos po} any existing thing, any compounded perceptible entity, existent / existence, possibility of existing, is known, exists, present. 2) to have, possess, to be in possession of. as being; possible (to do, achieve); to (be) exist(ent); (an) existent (thing) [RY]

Analiza definicji
tshad mas – true, proven, genuine; ideal, validity, valid cognition; authentic (standard)/ standard of authenticity; valid cognizer [when related to cognition]; validating; authenticity, validity, proof, pramana, logic, ideal, dialectics, epistemology, valid [cognition / understanding], proof [of knowledge]. three kinds. direct perception {mngon sum} inference, indirect {rjes su dpag pa} trustworthy scripture or testimony {yid ches pa'i lung} the study of pramana [in a monastic college]. authentic, genuine, convincing. right cognition / understanding [free from illusion]. valid source of knowledge, true knowledge, reasoning, {'thad pa}, {rigs pa} There are three pramanas, direct perception, inference and scripture. Sometimes the following three pramanas are discussed, direct {mngon gyur}, hidden {lkog gyur} and very hidden {shin tu lkog gyur} The {shin tu lkog gyur} pramana has to be known through the Buddha's teaching. reasoning, {'thad pa, rigs pa} [RY]
dmigs pa – think, {bsam blo btang ba}, meditate; apprehension, conception, imagination, contemplate, insight, awareness, projecting, visualization, visualize, conceiving, conceptual, thought, existent, experience, focused, mental image, vikalpa. object of observation, observed object, support, object of perception. think, {bsam blo btang ba} meditate, to aim at, to fancy, to imagine, to think, to construe in one's mind, visualized image. la-dmigs-te - with. in mind/ as one's frame of reference; {dmigs pa, dmigs pa, dmigs pa, dmigs} trans. v.; (fixed) frame of reference; scope/ framework; to visualize; think, {bsam blo btang ba}; to meditate, to focus; a focal object, reference point, focus, observation [logic] [RY]
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Autor 1 Istniejące [Def] To, co jest obserwowane przez prawomocne poznanie.
Autor 2 Istniejące [Def] To, co podpada pod prawomocne poznanie. Komentarz: obserwowane to już poznawane, jak w D 005.
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