D 005 gzhal bya [Def:] tshad mas rtogs par bya ba // prameya // object of comprehension [Def:] That which is can be cognized by valid cognition.
Analiza terminu

gzhal – examine, lit. measure, {dpyad pa byed}; examine, lit. measure, {dpyad pa byed} [RY]
– gzhal ba - evaluate [RY]
– gzhal bya - object of comprehension, object of valid cognition [logic] [RY]
bya ba – 1) ft. of {byed pa}; deed, action, work, engagement. lit. what is to be done, the free duty of bodhisattvas who have attained to nondiscursive knowledge. work, deed, job, task, matter, affair, thing to be done, doings, activities. 2) called, known as, entitled. 3) verb. Syn {'jug pa}; a movement; called; actions; verb +: he who should be (the object - beaten); to use (a term) for (something); (something) to be done; project at hand [RY]

Analiza definicji

tshad ma – true, proven, genuine; ideal, validity, valid cognition; authentic (standard)/ standard of authenticity; valid cognizer [when related to cognition]; validating; authenticity, validity, proof, pramana, logic, ideal, dialectics, epistemology, valid [cognition / understanding], proof [of knowledge]. three kinds. direct perception {mngon sum} inference, indirect {rjes su dpag pa} trustworthy scripture or testimony {yid ches pa'i lung} the study of pramana [in a monastic college]. authentic, genuine, convincing. right cognition / understanding [free from illusion]. valid source of knowledge, true knowledge, reasoning, {'thad pa}, {rigs pa} There are three pramanas, direct perception, inference and scripture. Sometimes the following three pramanas are discussed, direct {mngon gyur}, hidden {lkog gyur} and very hidden {shin tu lkog gyur} The {shin tu lkog gyur} pramana has to be known through the Buddha's teaching. reasoning, {'thad pa, rigs pa} [RY]
rtogs pa – spiritual accomplishment / Realization. The third stage in the sequence of understanding, experience, and realization / realization / {rtogs pa, rtogs pa, rtogs pa} intr. v.; 1) to realize, understand, know, recognize, comprehend, reach understanding. 2) n. realization, understanding; cognition, comprehension [RY] [RY]
bya ba – (obok ←)
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Autor 1 przedmiot poznania [Def:] To, co jest poznawane przez prawomocne poznanie.
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