D 038 lhan cig ‘byung ba’i rgyu [Def] phan tshun dus mnyam dang rdzas tha dad kyang yin tsogs pa gcig pa’i sgo nas phan tshun skye ba la gegs mi byed pa // sahabhū hetu // simultaneously arising cause [Def] Causes that are simultaneous, different in substance, and, by being in the same collection, do not obstruct the arising of each other.
Analiza terminu

lhan cig – together, together with, co [RY]
‘byung ba – {'byung ba, byung ba, 'byung ba} intr. v. 1) appearance in the world, element. 2) ordinary, physical. 3) {'byung} 4) source. 5) an emergence, state of being, existence. coming into existence, to come out, to occur, arise, to emerge. elements; element; to originate from; element(al quality); to occur/ happen/ ensue; to come into being/ lead to/ come from; to encounter [hardship] [RY]
rgyu – przyczyna (D 032)
lhan cig ‘byung ba’i rgyu – co-emergent cause / co-originating cause, mutual cause, simultaneously arising cause [RY]
– co-existent aspect of basic cause situation, SA rgyu rkyen / simultaneous causal force, co-emergent cause [JV]

Analiza definicji

phan tshun – mutual, on either side; mutual; back and forth; interrelation; correlation, mutually established, identical, reciprocally, back and forth, reciprocal, each of the; ex. {'dus nas} when they meet each other [RY]
dus mnyam – at the same time, contemporary [RY]
rdzas – (material) substance; substantial entity; article, object, thing/ matter, substance/ riches, possessions; real, material thing, materials, thing, matter, object. ritual objects 11.1 [RY]
tha dad – distinct [logic] / distinct from one another [RY] (zob. też D 088)
rdzas tha dad – different substantial entity [RY]
kyang – Syn {yang}; A. 1) though, although, even, but, too, yet, and, still, also. 2) whoever, whatever, wherever. 3) no matter how / what / where. 3) likewise. 4) Syn {yang}. 5) nonetheless. 6) + yang - neither nor; + a quote - said; whether- neither nor. B. 1) straight, tall, slender [RY]
yin – is, are, both being and non-being. is, are [RY]
tshogs pa – collection/ aggregates; {dbang shes bskyed pa la yul dbang yid la byed pa gsum tshogs pa lta bu rgyu 'bras su 'brel bar 'byung ba'i rkyen mtha' dag 'dus pa'o, tshogs pa, tshogs pa, tshogs pa} intr. v.; 1) combination [of cause and condition.]. 2) collection / to hold [a meeting, etc.] Gathering, as one of the ten non-concurrent formations, collocation of causal factors. Syn {phon}, {phon pa}; organization [RY]
gcig pa – identical, exactly alike / same, uniform, unitary, the one, uniformly / alike [RY]
sgo nas – in terms of; by means of, through, in terms of, from the view point, the manner of, spawn, by way of, via, due to, on account of, by way of, by means of; from the point of view of. on the basis of. determined by. 2) from egg [RY]
phan tshun – (zob. wyzej)
skye ba – I) 1) birth, generation, arising, production, origin. 2) arising, origination, as one of the fourteen non-concurrent formations {ldan min 'du byed}. 3) rebirth, birth, life, lifetime, manner of birth. 4) rebirth as one of the twelve links {rten brel bcu gnyis}. II) {skye ba, skyes pa, skye ba} intr. v.; 1) to be born, be reborn, originate, arise, come into play, dawn, happen, take place, grow, come into existence, come into being, be produced, become, begin to exist, grow, bud, germinate, sprout, come out newly. 2) give birth to, give rise to, bear, be pregnant, be with young. 3) to feel, think. 4) to progress, increase. Def. among the {rten brel bcu gnyis} by Jamgön Kongtrul: {skye ba'i yan lag mngon gyur gyi dbang du byas nas/ mngal du nying mtshams sbyor bzhin pa ni skye ba yin}, {nang gi 'du byed kyi rgyun yod pa skye ba dang skye ba don gzhan bsal nas sngar ma byung ba las gsar du byung ba'i cha'o} [RY]
gegs – hindrance, obstacle, impediment, obstruction; (causer of) hindrance; block, stop, barrier, barricade, hurdle, snag [RY]
mi – (negacja)
byed pa – {byed pa, byas pa, bya ba, byos} trans. v. . 1) to do, make, create, produce, to act, do, cause to [happen]. 2) doer, efficacious, to decline, to fabricate, what it does; active verb +: he who is (doing the verb - beating); operation, action, process. {...r byed pa} to serve to.; to do/ act/ cause to happen [RY]
mi byed pa – without doing anything; unfabricated [RB]
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Autor 1 przyczyny jednocześnie powstające [Def] Są jednoczesne, różne w substancji i będąc w tym samym zbiorze, nie przeszkadzają sobie w powstawaniu.
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