D 039 skal mnyam gyi rgyu [Def:] rang ‘bras rang dang rigs ‘dra bar skyed byed // sabhāga hetu // cause of a similar outcome [Def:] That which produces something that is of its own type as its specifi c result.
Analiza terminu

skal – 1) fortune, fate, destiny, luck, lot, opportunity. 2) fortunate, suitable, worthy, destined, lucky. 3) portion, share, inheritance. 4) to dry; share, portion, ration; destined [RY]
mnyam – even, equal, alike, level, same, match [RY]
skal mnyam – 1) same class / kind / status / category / destiny / species, matching, homogenous. 2) the quality of belonging to the same class of beings. {ldan min 'du byed}. Syn {ris mthun}. 3) same status, as one of the fourteen non-concurrent formations. 4) unfailing good luck, constant success [RY]
rgyu – przyczyna (→ D 032)

Analiza definicji

rang – See {rjes yi rang} himself, self, self spontaneous, oneself, myself, etc, natural, own, intrinsic; self, itself, one's own, inherent, [sva ]; spontaneous/ natural / self-/ own; very; 1) oneself, own, self. 2) intrinsic, natural [RY]
‘bras – 1) see {'bras bu}. 2) rice. 3) fruit. 4) grain. 5) see {'bras nad} cancer [RY]
dang – + # - acts to total up a list just mentioned; and. This particle has five uses. connecting {sdud pa} distinguishing {'byed pa} causal {rgyu mtshan} time and place {tshe skabs} and advice or imperative {gdams ngag} meadow, to read in a singing or drawling manner, moreover, with, together with, as soon as, immediately after, polite imperative; + number - an enumeration (1, 2, 3.) [RY]
rigs 'dra – same kind, similar class, homogenous / continuum [JV]
skyed byed – 1) the producer. Syn {skyed mkhan}. 2) the navel chakra. Syn {sprul pa'i 'khor lo, kyed pa po} [RY]
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Autor 1 Przyczyna o podobnym wyniku [Def:] To, co wytwarza jako swój szczególny skutek coś, co jest tego samego rodzaju.
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Dodatkowe informacje

rigs – 1) kinds, varieties, types, aspects. 2) caste, bloodline, lineage, extraction, birth, descent, lineage, family, noble, potential, class, gene [spiritual genes], type, category, status. 2) specific spiritual family, Buddha family. 3) Buddha nature. 4) nature. Syn {snying po} 5) reason. 6) certain [in end of sentence. it is certain!. 7) will understand. 8) causal ground. 9) possibility, capability, potential. 10) philosophy. 11) realm. Syn khams. 12) appropriateness. 13) gotra, here "go" comes from guna, quality. "Tra" means to protect. So gotra means to protect the qualities {yon tan skyob pa} Can also mean potential or seed; family, class, type, noble, potential; possible storied/ qualified; enlightened-family. born, nature, kinds, varieties, types, aspects, caste, bloodline, lineage, family, class, gene [spiritual genes], type, category, status. Buddha nature, nature. Syn {snying po} reason, certain [in end of sentence. it is certain!. will understand, causal ground, possibility, capability, potential, philosophy, realm. Syn khams, appropriateness; family/ (character) type/ kind/ species; family trait - (in sense of buddha nature); reasoning; category; gotra, potential or seed. families. potential; 'phags pa'i rigs - noble potential [RY]
'dra ba – {'dra ba, dras pa, dra ba, dros} trans. v.; to resemble; same, similar, alike, like, similarity, resemblance, equal; {dang 'dra ba} similar to, analogous to, approximation of, image, likeness, resemblance [RY]
skyed pa – I) {skyed pa, bskyed pa, bskyed pa, skyed} trans. v.; 1) to create, develop, engender, cultivate, form, generate, procreate, give rise to, give birth to, bring into being, produce, cause, reproduce, father, cause to germinate, grow, bring up, nurse up, bring on. 2) to visualize, envision, imagine, picture, develop a visualization of. 3) to make grow larger / bigger, widen, expand, increase, cause to progress. 4) to arouse, inspire, instill. II) profit, gain, benefit, interest [RY]
byed – coming to, commentator, effecting, effectuating, hindrance, stoppage, interference, to do, make, create, move, act, work, handle, perform, function [RY]

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