D 041 kun ‘gro’i rgyu [Def:] khams gsum thams cad du ‘gro zhing rnam grol thob pa la gegs byed pa’i nyon mongs can // sarvatraga hetu // omnipresent cause [Def:] That which involves affl ictions, is present in all three realms, and obstructs the attainment of liberation.
Analiza terminu

kun – 1) all, entire, every, everyone, everything, everywhere, ever-omni, each, whole, round about, wholly, thoroughly. 2) abbr. of {kun tu} [RY]
‘gro – pf {phyin pa, song ba} 1) to move, walk, go, proceed, transmigrate, migrate. 2) beings, transmigrators. 3) go, become, serve, pursue, act [RY]
kun ‘gro – poet. sky. epith. of the Maheshvara. 1) the sky. 2) omnipresent, pervasive, universal, ever-present, all-accompanying. 3) always accompanying / following all cognitive acts. 4) See {nyon mongs kun 'gro}. 5) serpent. 6) omnipresent factor. 8) epithet of Maheshvara [RY]
rgyu – przyczyna (→ D 032)

Analiza definicji

khams gsum – trzy sfery
thams cad – whole, all, everything, everybody; everyone [RY]
‘gro – iść (powyżej)
rnam grol – complete liberation {sar} in---, completely freed, total liberation, liberation, completely freed, complete / total liberation, liberation, emancipation, nirvana [RY]
thob pa – 1). 2) to attain, obtain, get, acquire, bring, gain, receive, achieve, master, bring, accept, win. 3) attainment, obtainment, possession, presence, acquisition; achievement. 4) {ldan min 'du byed} acquisition, as one of the fourteen non-concurrent formations, obtaining cause; Def. {dge ba dang mi dge ba sogs 'du byed kyi chos rnams kyi gnas skabs kyi cha la btags yod de bye brag smra ba rdzas yod du 'dod}; pf. of {'thob pa} [RY]
     – obtention [Abhidharma] [logic] [RY]
gegs byed pa – to create / cause obstacle, hinder, retard, obstruct, hamper, impede, bog, encumber [RY]
nyon mongs – Klesha. Disturbing emotions that agitate one's mind and obscure the buddha nature [RY]
can – mieć
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Autor 1 Przyczyna stale obecna [Def:] To, co jest powiązane z klesiami, obecne w trzech sferach i przeszkadza w osiągnięciu wyzwolenia.
Autor 2 Przyczyna wszechobecna [Def] To, co pociąga za sobą klesie, jest obecne w trzech sferach i przeszkadza w osiągnięciu wyzwolenia
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