D 045 de ma thag rkyen [Def] rang ‘bras shes pa gsal rig tsam du gtso bor dngos su skyed byed // samanantara pratyaya // immediately preceding condition [Def] That which primarily produces mere clear and aware consciousness as its specifi c result.
Analiza terminu

de ma thag pa "Immediately upon (whatever action preceded the phrase, something else happens, which is mentioned following this phrase)" e.g. འགྲོ་བ་དེ་མ་ཐག་པ་, immediately upon going; e.g., [DDT] རྣམ་རྟོག་སྐྱེས་པ་དེ་མ་ཐག་པ་རང་ཞིག་ལ་འགྲོ་དེ་ལ་ "in regard to this discursive thought's being born then immediately going on to self-destruction".[D]
rkyen – warunek (D 043)

Analiza definicji

rang – See {rjes yi rang} himself, self, self spontaneous, oneself, myself, etc, natural, own, intrinsic; self, itself, one's own, inherent, [sva ]; spontaneous/ natural / self-/ own; very; 1) oneself, own, self. 2) intrinsic, natural [RY]
‘bras – 1) see {'bras bu}. 2) rice. 3) fruit. 4) grain. 5) see {'bras nad} cancer [RY]
'bras bu - fruition. The result, usually the end of a spiritual path. One of the three levels of enlightenment of a shravaka, pratyekabuddha or bodhisattva. In Mahayana the state of complete and perfect buddhahood; in Vajrayana the 'unified state of a vajra-holder,' in this book expressed as the '25 attributes of fruition.' See also 'view, meditation, action and fruition.' [RY]
shes pa – świadomość (L 002)
gsal – express; look under noun / adj. / verb. 1) adj. bright, brilliant, dazzling, luminous, clear, lucid, lucent, radiant, distinct. 2) noun. light, luminosity, brilliance, lucidity, luculence, vividness, precision, sharpness, directness, radiance, distinctness, brightness, clarity. 3) verb. to cognize, know, understand, to be aware, cognizant, knowing, wakeful, awake, conscious. Syn {ha go ba} 4) to appear, show [itself], manifest, appearing [in the form of.] {'di gsal mdzod} appear here, vividly present, apparent {da lha nyid du gsal ba} apparent at this very moment. 5) energy, dynamic potential. 6) banish, clear away, remove, {rab gsal} to banish the dark ignorance. 7) elucidation, explanation, clarification, confirm {don gsal} confirm the meaning. 8) are seen clearly, show. 9) visualize {gsal btab / 'debs / gdab} 10) wakefulness, cognizance. 11) to shine, illumine; luminosity, clarity; visualize; manifest [RY]
rig pa – przytomność (L 003)
tsam du – to be merely; simple/ simply; even; the size of [RY]
gtso bor – chiefly / principally; mainly [RY]
dngos su – ) really, truly, actually, in reality. 2) in person, personally, first handed. 3) explicitly, directly, openly, explicitly; substantial, embodied; direct [RY]
skyed byed – 1) the producer. Syn {skyed mkhan}. 2) the navel chakra. Syn {sprul pa'i 'khor lo, kyed pa po} [RY]
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Autor 1 warunek bezpośrednio poprzedzający [Def] To, co jako swój szczególny skutek wytwarza przede wszystkim klarowną i przytomną świadomość.
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