D 046 dmigs rkyen [Def:] rang ‘bras shes pa rang gi rnam ldan du gtso bor skyed byed // ālambana pratyaya // object condition [Def:] That which primarily produces a consciousness with the aspect of itself as its specifi c result.
Analiza terminu

dmigs – 1) object, support, focus, aim, purpose, objective, mental support, the thing observed, mental object, object of perception, conception, meditation, visualization, [imagination], attention, [thought, idea, notion], concept, conception, contemplation. 2) to focus [on], aim [at, for], imagine, visualize, hold, grasp mentally, conceive, direct one's attention towards, hold, have a thought of, notion about, see, observe, project, contemplate, fixate on, directed for, meant for, belonging to; imagine [RY]
rkyen – warunek (D 043)

Analiza definicji

rang – See {rjes yi rang} himself, self, self spontaneous, oneself, myself, etc, natural, own, intrinsic; self, itself, one's own, inherent, [sva ]; spontaneous/ natural / self-/ own; very; 1) oneself, own, self. 2) intrinsic, natural [RY]
bras – 1) see {'bras bu}. 2) rice. 3) fruit. 4) grain. 5) see {'bras nad} cancer [RY]
shes pa – świadomość (L 002)
rang gi – your, one's own; own, your, one's own [RY]
ldan – to have, possess, be endowed with, in possession of, imbued with, possessed of; endowment, possession; conjunction, connection, having, possessing [RY]
gtso bo – primary / main [logic] | principal [RY]
skyed byed – skyed byed  1) "The producer", "the creator", "the generator". Grammatically, equivalent in meaning to སྐྱེད་པ་པོ་ q.v. This is the thing that causes something to be སྐྱེད་པ་ produced / created / generated. i) When discussing the production of effects from causes in Buddhist texts on philosophy, it is used to mean རྒྱུ་ the principal cause that will produce its related effect; that effect will be the བསྐྱེད་བྱ་ the thing that will be produced. E.g., སྐྱེད་བྱེད་ཀྱི་རྒྱུ་ "the producing cause. 2) "The creator". Another name for the chakra at the navel, which is usually referred to as the སྤྲུལ་པའི་འཁོར་ལོ་ "emanation chakra". 3) [Mngon] i) "Procreator" meaning the father of a child. ii) "Creator" meaning the ས་གཞི་ basis of a world system from which the world system arises. iii) "Producer", an ancient epithet from India of མེ་ fire and མེ་ལྷ་ Agnideva, the god of fire. [D]
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Autor 1 warunek przedmiotu [Def:] To, co jako swój szczególny skutek wytwarza przede wszystkim podobny sobie aspekt świadomości.
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