D 047 bdag rkyen [Def] rang ‘bras rang dbang du gtso bor skyed byed // adhipati pratyaya // dominant condition [Def] That which primarily produces its specifi c result by its own power.
Analiza terminu

bdag – 1) atman, I, me, self, oneself, ego, myself. 2) vi. to belong to, own, 3) essence, self- entity, identity, {bdag nyid}; 4) ruler, king, source; soul; master; great being, sovereign. Syn {bdag po} [RY]
rkyen – warunek (D 043)
bdag rkyen – 1) governing condition, conditioning in oneself, adhipatipratyaya. empowering condition. reward, award, ruling factor, dominant condition, empowering condition {bdag po'i rkyen}, {rkyen bzhi}, 2) present, gift. subject [RY]

Analiza definicji

rang – See {rjes yi rang} himself, self, self spontaneous, oneself, myself, etc, natural, own, intrinsic; self, itself, one's own, inherent, [sva ]; spontaneous/ natural / self-/ own; very; 1) oneself, own, self. 2) intrinsic, natural [RY]
‘bras – 1) see {'bras bu}. 2) rice. 3) fruit. 4) grain. 5) see {'bras nad} cancer [RY]
'bras bu - fruition. The result, usually the end of a spiritual path. One of the three levels of enlightenment of a shravaka, pratyekabuddha or bodhisattva. In Mahayana the state of complete and perfect buddhahood; in Vajrayana the 'unified state of a vajra-holder,' in this book expressed as the '25 attributes of fruition.' See also 'view, meditation, action and fruition.' [RY]
rang – (powyżej)
dbang du – in terms of, {mi btang} do not be absorbed by; under the power of, influence of [RY]
gtso bor – principally; mainly [RY]
skyed pa – I) {skyed pa, bskyed pa, bskyed pa, skyed} trans. v.; 1) to create, develop, engender, cultivate, form, generate, procreate, give rise to, give birth to, bring into being, produce, cause, reproduce, father, cause to germinate, grow, bring up, nurse up, bring on. 2) to visualize, envision, imagine, picture, develop a visualization of. 3) to make grow larger / bigger, widen, expand, increase, cause to progress. 4) to arouse, inspire, instill. II) profit, gain, benefit, interest [RY]
byed pa – {byed pa, byas pa, bya ba, byos} trans. v. . 1) to do, make, create, produce, to act, do, cause to [happen]. 2) doer, efficacious, to decline, to fabricate, what it does; active verb +: he who is (doing the verb - beating); operation, action, process. {...r byed pa} to serve to.; to do/ act/ cause to happen [RY]
skyed byed – [D] 1) "The producer", "the creator", "the generator". Grammatically, equivalent in meaning to སྐྱེད་པ་པོ་ q.v. This is the thing that causes something to be སྐྱེད་པ་ produced / created / generated. i) When discussing the production of effects from causes in Buddhist texts on philosophy, it is used to mean རྒྱུ་ the principal cause that will produce its related effect; that effect will be the བསྐྱེད་བྱ་ the thing that will be produced. E.g., སྐྱེད་བྱེད་ཀྱི་རྒྱུ་ "the producing cause. 2) "The creator". Another name for the chakra at the navel, which is usually referred to as the སྤྲུལ་པའི་འཁོར་ལོ་ "emanation chakra". 3) [Mngon] i) "Procreator" meaning the father of a child. ii) "Creator" meaning the ས་གཞི་ basis of a world system from which the world system arises. iii) "Producer", an ancient epithet from India of མེ་ fire and མེ་ལྷ་ Agnideva, the god of fire. (skyed byed wystęþuje w D033, 034, 035, 036, 037, 039, 045, 046, 047 i 048)
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Autor 1 warunek dominujący [Def] To, co przede wszystkim własną mocą wytwarza swój szczególny skutek.
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