D 055 bral ba’i ‘bras bu [Def:] gnyen po shes rab stobs kyis rang gi spang bya zad pa’am spangs ba de yin la // visaṃyoga phala // result of separation [Def:] The extinction or relinquishment of the specifi c factors to be relinqu- ished through the force of the remedy, i.e., supreme knowledge.
Analiza terminu

bral ba – pf. of {'bral ba}; free from, separate, to be free from, without, devoid of, freedom [RY]
– to be rid of, rid of [RY]
‘bras bu – result(ant factor)/ effect; fruition/ goal(aspect); Fruit, result, consequence, [phala]; 1) effect, fruit, consequences, fruition, result, goal, aim. 2) accomplishment, attainment, outcome. 3) adj. resultant, fruitional. 4) fruit. 5) harvest. 6) testicles [RY]

Analiza definicji

gnyen po – remedy, antidote; antidotal technique/ corrective measure/ remedy; counter-agent, cure, opponent; "pratipaksha" Skt [RY]
shes rab – pradżnia (L 070)
stobs kyis – by the power of, by means of, through [RY]
rang gi – your, one's own; own, your, one's own [RY]
spang bya – discard, what is to be abandoned; factor to be renounced; object of renunciation; object of abandonment, riddables, that to be abandoned, what is to be abandoned; the undesirable, to be renounced, a factor to be abandoned [RY]
zad pa – finish, exhausted, extinguishments, ksaya, the 60th year of {rab byung} Syn {me pho stag} completed, {khyab pa}, as in {zad par skye mched bcu} which is understood to mean pervading everywhere rather than finished as in {mtha' gcig tu de red}; pf. of {'dzad pa} [RY]
spangs ba – throw off [RY]
– abandonment [JV]
de yin – this is it [RY]
yin la – since ... is the case [RY]
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Autor 1 skutek oddzielenia [Def:] Porzucenie wszystkiego, co jest do porzucenia za pomocą mądrości pradżni, która jest antidotum.
Autor 2 [Def] Usunięcie wszystkiego, co należy usunąć za pomocą antidotum, doskonałej mądrości (pradźni)
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