D 066 bum ‘dzin rtog pa’i yul [Def:] bum ‘dzin rtog pas rig par bya ba // –– // object of a conception apprehending „vase” [Def:] That which can by known by a conception apprehending „vase”.
Analiza terminu

bum pa – bumpa
‘dzin – subject, that which apprehends, [graha]; subject; memorize, retain/ to regard; to be a repository, to hold onto, to hold, adhere to; taking hold of, holder, accept, grasping, clinging, "the holder" or "fixation", "the watcher". catch, grab, apprehend, the grasper 'the watcher', to grasp, hold, cling, fixate, clinging, grasping, holding, fixation, retention, attachment, to bear, bearing in mind. 3) retain, comprehend the teachings, one of the {chos spyod bcu} 10 religious practices. take up, to accept, be accepted, to hold, hold on to, fixate on, cling to, holds, taken up, {bzung ba, gzung ba, zung}; to possess [RY]
rtog pa – Skt parikalpana, kalpana, 1) abstraction, activity of empirical mind, concept, conception, conceptual consciousness, conceptual thought, conceptualization, discursive thought, elaborate thought activity, examining, grasping of experience through thought, introspection, idea, imputation, intellectual systemization, intention, investigation, meditation, mental activity, notion, reflection, thinking, thought consciousness, thought construction, thought. 2) Concept, as one of the four variables, Def. by Jamgön Kongtrul: {'du byed kyi chos rnams la rtsings por 'jug pa'o}. 3) {rtog pa, brtags pa, brtag pa, rtogs} trans. v. , to consider, examine, conceptualize, conceive (of), search into, look through, investigate, think, to scrutinize, search into, examine, investigate, impute [RY]
yul – przedmiot (D 001)

Analiza definicji

bum – (obok)
‘dzin – (obok)
rtog pa – OBJ
rig pa – przytomność (L 003)
bya ba – 1) ft. of {byed pa}; deed, action, work, engagement. lit. what is to be done, the free duty of bodhisattvas who have attained to nondiscursive knowledge. work, deed, job, task, matter, affair, thing to be done, doings, activities. 2) called, known as, entitled. 3) verb. Syn {'jug pa}; a movement; called; actions; verb +: he who should be (the object - beaten); to use (a term) for (something); (something) to be done; project at hand [RY]
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Autor 1 przedmiot umysłu konceptualnego ujmującego bumpę [Def:] To, co może byc poznane przez umysł konceptualny ujmującą bumpę.
Autor 2 [Def] To, co może być poznane przez mniemanie ujmujące wazę
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