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D 077 spyi [Def:] rang gi gsal ba du ma la rjes su 'gro ba // samanya // generality [Def:] That which contains several of its own specific instances.
Analiza terminu

spyi – 1) top of the head, standing higher than all, general. 2) public, shared, general related to all, in particular, category, generality, unified, all, universal, common. all; public/ general; general [RY]

Analiza definicji

rang gi "One's own", "own". 1) The རྣམ་དབྱེ་དྲུག་པ་ sixth case form of རང་ q.v. 2) It is also used as an abbrev. of ཁྱེད་རང་གི་ "your".[D]
gsal ba – 1) to appear, manifest; be clear, be apparent; appear clearly, be clearly evident. Longchenpa: Syn {mngon du gyur ba}2) clarity, cognizance, 3) instance, manifestation, 4) to illuminate, clarify, elucidate; 5) be brilliant; bright, clear, cognizant, awake, luminous; bright, distinct, ex {nyi ma gsal ba} brilliant sun. 6) to visualize, 7) clarity, luminosity, luminous clarity, 8) clarity, the second of the three {nyams} [RY]
du ma – numerous; many, manifold, various, innumerable. myriad. multiple [RY]
rjes – tracks, footprints, trace/ after; the concluding; 1) after, later, following, that which follows, subsequent, ensuing, afterwards, concluding. 2) imprint, mark, sign left behind, back, trace, track, trail, footstep. 3) finally 4) honor, 5) conclusion [abbr. of {rjes kyi bya ba}; after; concluding section; imp. of {rje ba}; print, imprint [RY]
'gro ba – {'gro ba, phyin pa, 'gro ba, song} intr. v. 1) n. living, sentient beings, creatures, 'migrator', transmigrator, loka, world [of living beings]. 2) v. to go, follow, migrate, will become, to go, beings. 3) to travel, walk, come to. go (about); go off to; go/ come into/ off to, enter. 4) destiny, migration, gati; going constantly/ repeatedly/ far [RY]
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Autor 1 Ogólnik [Def] To, co zawiera wiele swoich szczególnych składników.
Autor 2 Powszechnik [Def] To, co zwiera szereg swych konkretnych przykładów.
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