L 038 sel ‘jug gi blo [Def:] dngos kyi ‘gal zla bcad pa’i sgo nas rang yul la ‘jug pa // –– // a mind that engages in an eliminative way [Def:] A mind that engages its specifi c object by means of the exclusion of its direct opposite.
Analiza terminu
sel – removal. 1) to expel, dispel, cure. 2) to clear away, remove, annihilate. 3) to exclude [a counterpart]. 4) to overcome, surmount. 5) noun. impurities; 1) to expel, dispel, cure. 2) to clear away, remove, annihilate. 3) to exclude [a counterpart]. 4) to overcome, surmount. 5) noun. impurities [RY]
‘jug – infuse, insert; actual usage of a term, collection engage. p. {zhugs} 1) to go into, enter, participate. 2) follow [the path, doctrine], to get oneself involved, engaged in, occupied with, steady pursuance. 3) put, fill in, stuff, to put into, to go into, put in, insert. 4) to let, allow, permit. 5) to make, force. 6) to put under, bring under [power, control] stuff, bring into, practice, enjoin, permit, to make, cause, enable, establish, initiate, in, perceive, occupied with, pervade, permeate, express [through the three kayas etc], proceed, function, act, start working, entertain, engagement, application, involvement, action, functioning, 'perception', manifestation, incarnation, continuity [of cause and effect], {'du shes 'jug} to entertain the idea that.]. {rab 'jug} completely permeates about compassion-], {byed 'jug pa} to make, cause, enable, {byed du 'jug pa} to make, cause, enable]. {rnam shes yul la 'jug} the consciousness engaged in an object]; induce [RY]
blo – umysł (→ L 001)

Analiza definicji
dngos – five meanings acc to Bodong: 1) actual, true [opp to {btags pa ba} metaphorical]. 2) principal, primary [opp to {zhar} secondary]. 3) explicit [clearly indicated by words and so forth, opp to {shugs} implicit]. 4) direct [without intermediary, opp to {rgyud} indirect]. 5) self [opp to {gzhan} other] [logic] [RY]
– 1) reality, real, actual, incarnate, genuine, explicit, direct, concrete, to exist actually to have real existence, proper, fully, concreteness, manifest, ture, in person, reality, embodiment, concreteness, embodiment. 2) abbr. {dngos po} 3) ground luminosity, substance, thing. 4) has himself // true; the main; actuality; actual expression/ presence; actual, real [RY]
‘gal – vi. to be contrary, to violate, to contradict, controversy, oppose, transgression, gone against, violate. {chos 'gal} [our actions runs) contrary to the Dharma. {bka' dang 'gal} violate the command. {las 'gal ba} to violate, commit [RY]
– exclusive, contradiction [logic] [RY]
zla – means {zla bo}, companion. For example the moon {zla ba} is the companion of the world. A friend among the men or women, a husband or wife, is called a {zla bo} or {sku zla} [RY]
‘gal zla – impediments / contradictory, opponent, object, contrary, the other party, opposite. Syn {mi mthun phyogs} [RY]
bcad pa – pf. of {gcod pa}; 1) to cut, break. 2) to decide. 3) to cut through; undermine, negate; demarcate, outline, divide. 4) to abstain from. 5) cut off. 6) eliminate, isolate / to sever; {'khri ba bcad pa} to sever his ties [RY]
sgo nas – in terms of; by means of, through, in terms of, from the view point, the manner of, spawn, by way of, via, due to, on account of, by way of, by means of; from the point of view of. on the basis of. determined by. 2) from egg [RY]
yul – przedmiot (→ D 001)
‘jug pa – 1) intr. {'jug pa, zhugs pa, 'jug pa, zhugs} intr. v.; 2) {'jug pa, bcug pa, gzhug pa, chug} trans. v.; to mean, apply to, refer to; name of a text; {dbu ma la 'jug pa} Madhyamakavatara; to insert, infuse; to engage/ enter/ begin/ become involved; to infuse (i.e. with blessings); involvement/ functioning/ operation; application [as in awakening mind of ...]; descent, entrance, regular sequence, setting out. Syn {dbu ma la 'jug pa} Syn {bya ba} 1) usage. 2) establishing [others on the path]. 3) to enter, to place, the going into, to follow, to go or walk in, to enter, to undertake, the entering. 4) manifestation, 5) [gradual] involvement. 6) proceeds [compassion which proceeds to all beings], to proceed, to undertake; starting to function, proceed, act, function, start working, functioning, entering, 'actually entering', application, practice, activity, continuity [of cause and effect]. to be penetrated, Regular sequence, as one of the ten non-concurrent formations; Def. by Jamgön Kongtrul: {skad cig dang bar chad pa la de mi rung bas rgyu 'bras kyi gnas skabs kyi rgyun bar mi chad par 'byung ba'o}; // for ex.: gzhan la gsod 'jug pa - to allow; penetrate, fully comprehend, occur, enter // Entering the Middle Way; Madhyamakavatara [RY]

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Autor 1 Umysł ujmujący przez eliminację [Def:] Umysł, który ujmuje swój szczególny przedmiot przez odrzucanie jego przeciwieństw.
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