L 046 ngo bo bdag gcig gi ‘brel ba [Def:] ldog pa tha dad gang zhig ngo ba gcig pa’i tshul gyis mi ‘dor ba // –– // the connection of identity [Def:] Two phenomena being different isolates and, by having the same nature, not canceling each other.
Analiza terminu

ngo bo – svabhava 1) essence, nature, character, attribute, identity, entity, intrinsic / central / essential nature, vital substance, core, being, inmost nature. 2) principle, existence, fact. 3) entity, fact of being, identity. 4) definition, main principle. 5) what it comes down to, at bottom, in fact, 5) essential meaning [in textual introduction]. See also {bdag nyid} [RY]
bdag – 1) atman, I, me, self, oneself, ego, myself. 2) vi. to belong to, own, 3) essence, self- entity, identity, {bdag nyid}; 4) ruler, king, source; soul; master; great being, sovereign. Syn {bdag po} [RY]
gcig – one, single, unique, single state, singularity, "eka" Skt.; 1) singular, one, one and the same. 2) something. 3) unity, partless, unitary. {gcig kyang med} not even a single one; one/ single [RY]
‘brel ba – {'brel ba, 'brel ba, 'brel ba} intr. v.; connected with, joined, relationship, to become connected, logical connection, to hang together, cohere. related; link; to be connected/ joined; connection/ connectedness [RY]
bdag gcig ‘brel – [logic] relation of identical nature, relation of essential identity, related as the same essence, related through being one entity, single entity relationship, related through being one entity [RY]

Analiza definicji

ldog pa – {ldog pa, ldog pa, ldog pa} intr. v. 1) to come back, to return, to go home, to depart, to come again, to change, to undergo a change, to fall back, to turn away, to reverse,. turn away from, avoid, to refute, reverse, disprove; to eliminate; /. to return. 2) disengagement, isolate, oppositions, reverse, revulsion, isolate [in philosophical context]. reverse; aspect, facet; opposite, - isolate [RY]
tha dad – distinct from one another | without intention or aim to separate or discriminate; [non] distinction, separate, different. distinction [RY]
gang zhig – 1) the one, those, that, whoever, the one who, which, certain, specific, given; whatever; who(so)ever. 2) "how will...?" [interrogative] [RY]
ngo bo – (←obok)
gcig pa – identical, exactly alike | same, uniform, unitary, the one, uniformly [RY]
tshul gyis – in accordance with [RY]
– in consequence of, by means of, on the basis of [JV]
mi – (negacja)
‘dor ba – {'dor ba, dor ba, dor ba, dor} trans. v.; cancelled, eradicate, rejection, to throw or cast away; to abandon; to cast away, give up, abandon, discard [RY]
mi ‘dor ba – not giving up [RY] | mi 'dor ba - not forsake [JV]
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Autor 1 połączenie tożsamościowe [Def:] Dwa zjawiska, które będąc różnymi izolatami, ale o tej sa- mej naturze, nie usuwają się wzajemnie
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