L 064 reg pa [Def:] yul dbang yid byed gsum ‘dus pa las tshor ba bde sdug dang mthun par dbang pa’i ‘gyur ba yongs su gcod par byed pa // sparsha // contact [Def:] The full sensing of the change in the sense faculty in accordance with pleasant or painful feelings occurring due to the meeting of object, sense faculty, and mental engagement.
Analiza terminu

reg pa – {reg pa, reg pa, reg pa, reg} trans. v.; contact, to touch, contact, to reach, [rapport], 1) contact, as one of the twelve links, the sixth of the twelve links of dependent origination, as one of the twelve links, the sixth of the twelve links of dependent origination. Def. by Jamgön Kongtrul: {yan lag drug pa ni/ mngal nas phyir btsas te yul dang/ dbang po dang/ rnam par shes pa gsum 'dus pa'i reg pa 'byung ba yin zhing/ de'ang reg pa dngos ni/ rnam shes yul dang phrad pa las yul des shes par 'gyur ba'i cha zhig 'byung ba de} 2) sensory contact; contact, as one of the five ever-present mental states, one of {kun 'gro lnga}; Def. by Jamgön Kongtrul: {yul dbang yid byed gsum 'dus pa las tshor ba bde sdug dang mthun par dbang po'i 'gyur ba yongs su gcod par byed pa} Def. by Jamgön Kongtrul: {gsum 'dus nas yul yongs su gcod par byed pa} [RY]

Analiza definicji

yul – przedmiot (D 001))
dbang – tu: zdolność zmysłowa (D 025)
yid byed – mentalne zaangażowanie
gsum – trzy
‘dus pa – pf. of {'du ba}, aggregation, assemblage, assembly, combination, come together, composed, compounded, embodiment, formed, gathered, gathering, included, pithy, unified; Assemblage; assemblage/ embodiment/ combination; meet/ to embody; pf. of {'du ba}; unified [RY]
las – działanie, karma
tshor ba – {tshor ba, tshor ba, tshor ba} intr. v.; 1) to hear. 2) mental or physical feeling, sensation, perceptions, pleasure pain, [seventh of the one of the {phung po lnga} the five aggregates / skandhas. {rten cing 'brel bar 'byung ba'i yan lag bcu gnyis} 12 links of dependent origination.]. feeling; sensation (i.e. as aggregate or one of twelve links); Def. by Jamgön Kongtrul: {yan lag bdun pa ni/ reg pa de la brten ns tshor ba bde sdug bar ma gsum myong ba yin te/ mig dbang dang/ yul gzugs yid 'ong/ mig shes gsum 'dus pa las thog mar mig shes kyis yul yongs su gcod pa'i reg pa 'byung/ de'i rjes su reg pas yongs su myong ba'i tshor ba bde bar 'byung bas mtshon no/ / dbang shes drug la tshor ba gsum gyi dbye bas yid nye bar rgyu ba bco brgyad ces bya} [RY] (L 061)
bde sdug – happiness and suffering, happy or sad, joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain [RY]
mthun pa – intimate; 1) to agree, agreeable, friendly. 2) to harmonize, in harmony. 3) favorable, suitable, proper, appropriate. 4) according to, consistent with, conformable to, in conformity with. Syn ({mthun cha, mi mthun pa} adversities. {thams cad dang mthun par bya} act in accord with everything. {mi mthun pa med pa} without contradiction.(dang) mthun-pa - in harmony/ accord/ agreement with. / conducive to. (to) parallel; {mthun pa, mthun pa, mthun pa} [RY
dbang pa – conquering [JV]
‘gyur ba – {'gyur ba, 'gyur ba, 'gyur ba} intr. v. . changes, develop, renew, to be, to become, be changed, to be transformed, to become, will be, turn into, transformation, to change, alter. 2) times. 3) reverberations {mi 'gyur} unchangeable, changeless, unchanging.] (to) change, become; to mean that, imply; {-r-'gyur-bas/ nas} this means, entails, implies that [RY]
yongs – to come, to produce, emerge, come into being, yield, income [RY]
gcod pa – {gcod pa, bcad pa, gcad pa, chod} trans. v.; to sever; to cut, to cut asunder, chop off, to cut down, to fell; to cut through; to undermine, negate; to demarcate, outline, divide; to abstain from / preclusion [logic] [RY]
byed pa – {byed pa, byas pa, bya ba, byos} trans. v. . 1) to do, make, create, produce, to act, do, cause to [happen]. 2) doer, efficacious, to decline, to fabricate, what it does; active verb +: he who is (doing the verb - beating); operation, action, process. {...r byed pa} to serve to.; to do/ act/ cause to happen [RY]
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Autor 1 kontakt [Def:] Całkowite zarejestrowanie zmiany – przyjemnej lub nie – dzięki zdolności zmysłowej w związku ze spotkaniem: przedmiotu, zdolności i mentalnego zaangażowania.
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[DUFF]reg pa  I. v.t. རེག་པ་/ རེག་པ་/ རེག་པ་/ རེག་/. "To contact", "to touch". In the case of the body this becomes equivalent to "to touch". This also has the meaning "to connect with" in the sense of "to get to that point, to attain that level". E.g., [TC] ལག་པས་རེག་ནས་འཇམ་རྩུབ་ཚོར། "he touched it with his hand and felt it"; ཤིང་གི་ཡལ་ག་མགོ་བོར་རེག་པ། "the tree branch touched his head"; རྐང་པ་སར་མ་རེག་པ། "his feet did not touch the ground"; སངས་རྒྱས་ཀྱི་ས་ལ་རེག་པ། "contacted the level of a buddha". II. "Contact". Translation of the Sanskrit "sparśha". Contact is one of the ཀུན་ཏུ་འགྲོ་བ་ལྔ་ five ever-present mental events. Contact is the component of the dualistic perceptual process which arises due to the coming together of the three things of ཡུལ་ object of perception, དབང་པོ་ sense faculty, and རྣམ་པར་ཤེས་པ་ consciousness. Contact means that, the three things have come together, mind ཡོངས་སུ་གཅོད་པ་ categorizes the object as being likeable, not likeable, or in between. Following that, and in correspondence with the category made in the contact, the mind ཡོངས་སུ་མྱོང་བ་ experiences the object as being either བདེ་ pleasant, སྡུག་ unpleasant or བཏང་སྙོམས་ neutral and that ཚོར་བ་ feeling appears in mind. Because the mental event of contact gives rise to feelings in that way, it is a crucial part of the process that drives sentient beings' cycling through births in deluded existence, being the sixth of the རྟེན་ཅིང་འབྲེལ་བར་འབྱུང་བའི་ཚུལ་བཅུ་གཉིས་ twelve processes of dependent-related arising q.v. for more information.

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