L 065 yid byed [Def:] sems yul gyi dgmigs pa la yang dang du gtod pa’i bye brag tu ‘dzin pa // manaskāra // mental engagement [Def:] Apprehending the particular object of focus to which the mind is directed again and again.
Analiza terminu

yid – mind. [manas] mind, ideational consciousness; the intellect, mental functioning, thought, subject, subjective mind, thinking process, mental / intellectual faculty, sentience, cognitive act, mental faculty, as compared with cognitive act and consciousness. consciousness. thought. [manas] mind, mental functioning, thought, mind, subject, subjective thinking process, mental / intellectual faculty, sentience, cognitive act, as compared with cognitive act and consciousness; imagination; Manas, mind, functional mind [RY]
byed – coming to, commentator, effecting, effectuating, hindrance, stoppage, interference, to do, make, create, move, act, work, handle, perform, function [RY]

Analiza definicji

sems – umysł
yul – przedmiot (D 001)
dgmigs pa – think, {bsam blo btang ba}, meditate; apprehension, conception, imagination, contemplate, insight, awareness, projecting, visualization, visualize, conceiving, conceptual, thought, existent, experience, focused, mental image, vikalpa. object of observation, observed object, support, object of perception. think, {bsam blo btang ba} meditate, to aim at, to fancy, to imagine, to think, to construe in one's mind, visualized image. la-dmigs-te - with. in mind/ as one's frame of reference; {dmigs pa, dmigs pa, dmigs pa, dmigs} trans. v.; (fixed) frame of reference; scope/ framework; to visualize; think, {bsam blo btang ba}; to meditate, to focus; a focal object, reference point, focus [RY]
yang dang yang du – repeated / over and over again [RY]
gtod pa – casting its aspect [logic] [RY] / to deliver up; alt. {gtod pa, gtad pa, gtad pa}; {gtod pa, btod pa, gtod pa, gtod pa} trans. v.; imp. of {gtod pa}; ft. of {gtod pa} [RY]
bye brag – (specific) detail; special/ different/ diverse; a shrine object; difference, diversity, instance, a certain, different [kinds], aspect, particular, particularity, specific, special, variety [RY]
‘dzin pa – subject, that which apprehends, [graha]; subject; memorize, retain/ to regard; to be a repository, to hold onto, to hold, adhere to; taking hold of, holder, accept, grasping, clinging, "the holder" or "fixation", "the watcher". catch, grab, apprehend, the grasper 'the watcher', to grasp, hold, cling, fixate, clinging, grasping, holding, fixation, retention, attachment, to bear, bearing in mind. 3) retain, comprehend the teachings, one of the {chos spyod bcu} 10 religious practices. take up, to accept, be accepted, to hold, hold on to, fixate on, cling to, holds, taken up, {bzung ba, gzung ba, zung}; to possess [RY]
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Autor 1 Mentalne zaangażowanie [Def:] Ciągłe ujmowanie przez umysł swego szczególnego przedmiotu koncentracji.
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